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With an increasingly strict and frequently changing regulatory environment, there is a growing demand for organisations to provide transparent and reliable financial information to stakeholders.

We customise our service to the size and nature of your organisation, aligning audit objectives to your business goals and inherent risks. This means more efficient service delivery and ensures we focus on the critical areas of risk that could have a material impact on your business and its financial results. You can have confidence that our regulatory audit service is conducted with a key focus on quality assurance, and is fully compliant with professional independence requirements. Technical excellence is always a key outcome and to achieve this we draw upon the expertise of specialists from within our company as well as an international network of accomplished audit professionals.

  • Regulatory Bodies Audit Reports
  • Review Reports
  • Reports on the effectiveness of internal controls
  • Agreed Upon Procedures
  • Fraud Investigation and Prevention

Explore Audit and Assurance Services

External Audit

Effective external audits contribute to decision-making, minimize risks, and focus on achieving the best results for your business, ensuring future success and informed management decisions.

Financial Reporting Advice

Our national technical division assists organizations in implementing various regulations, ensuring legislative compliance and effective financial reporting amidst a rapidly changing regulatory landscape.

Fraud Investigation & Prevention

Our expert team combines forensic accounting, internal audit, and risk management to protect your business from fraud, safeguarding its reputation and overall value beyond the bottom line.

Internal Audit

Our outcome-oriented internal audit service goes beyond regulatory compliance, tailoring to your business needs and helping achieve efficiency, excellence, and overall objectives for improved business performance.


Transparency Report 2022

The Australian Accounting Standards Board and the External Reporting Board have released…

Audit and Assurance Specialists

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